Got a new car

Back in September I said I needed a smaller car because of the cost of driving an SUV. Well, I did get a newer vehicle and it does have better gas mileage*, but it’s not any smaller. :-P

I have a tendency to be a very spontaneous buyer. Not the smartest thing in the world, but I can at least say I’m not overly stupid. I bought my laptop with about 5 minutes research. I bought a new digital camera because I saw a good deal, even though I didn’t need a new digital camera (at least I’m selling the old one though). I’m really happy about the camera purchase though (well, I’m happy with all the other things too). The Canon SD400 takes much better dancing pictures than my Pentax Optio S5i did. Videos are also larger. Newegg rocks.

Anyway, my boss leased a truck through the business and so was selling his previous vehicle. He asked if I wanted to buy it. I originally said no, but after asking a few more times I drove it once and that was it. It’s a silver 2003 Toyota Tundra. Yes, I’m nuts! So much for smaller! haha

I’m nuts, but I’m happy. I like the Tundra a lot. It drives beautifully, has low miles, and I like trucks.

* = The gas mileage is a little better. The Tundra gets 1417 MPG, and the Ford Expedition got 1216 MPG.