Goodbye work ethic, hello chicken!

Meet Dorothy the Chicken. Dorothy is going to be dinner tonight.

Actually, I’m kidding. This chicken’s purpose in life is to lay eggs. Oh, and chase people around hoping to get some bread. Oh, and follow the other chickens around because that’s what chickens do. Hey look! She ran over there, I better run over there too! I don’t wanna miss anything!!!11 Chickens are kinda fun to watch. I took this picture today. This chicken does not have a name and is not going to be dinner tonight. It is highly possible that an egg she laid may become part of dinner. Unless, the egg she laid today was eaten by another chicken.

No, this isn’t one of those “I have nothing to write about” blog posts (OK it is). For the last few weeks I’ve been feeling less and less inspired to do things like shower and more and more inspired to read, write, and otherwise just waste time. Goodbye work ethic, hello browsing the internet! Hello chickens! Hello! There’s some flowers! I better take a picture!

So I figured I needed to find a way to inspire myself to do all those important things like showering, sleeping, and brushing my teeth. And I found the perfect thing! A chicken! There’s nothing quite like a chicken to arouse within the human soul all the deeply personal feelings required to eat more donuts. Chickens are the new inspiration. Forget inspirational seminars, books, games, and midnight donut runs (“runs” as in, running to the store for donuts)! All you need is a chicken to inspire you! Feel free to print out a copy of this chicken and carry it with you wherever you go. Keep it in your wallet and whip it out whenever you’re feeling uninspired! Anytime you… oh… hello!

… I see some grass outside. I better go take some pictures of it! Be back later.

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