Giving up TV

Steve Pavlina has a good article on 8 changes he’s experienced since giving up TV.

Growing up my family didn’t watch much TV. I’ve always had people telling me how weird they think I am for not watching TV. Personally, I think they’re weird for wasting so much time infront of the tube. Earlier this year I started watching Myth Busters on a regular basis. First of all, the only TV I’ve ever regularly watched are educational shows. I found after a short period of time that I was watching more and more TV. Instead of watching just Myth Busters I’d watch whatever was on before it, and then stay up late watching whatever was on after it. I even started watching TV on Saturday afternoons instead of going out and socializing or working or something. I decided again that TV wasn’t worth my time and quit. Since then I’ve probably watched a total of 45 minutes of television in the last 4 months. I have watched DVDs and been to the theater maybe twice to see movies (Nacho Libre and X-Men III).

Quit TV. You’ll be far more productive. At least give it a try.

A friend and I have started a new website, We haven’t given the website a design yet (it’s got the default wordpress theme) and we haven’t posted much on there yet, but I posted about turning the TV off and our brains back on in a little more detail than I did here and thought some of you may enjoy it.

Steve Pavlina, TV