Getting the gist of it: Reading Patterns

After reading this article, High Tech India: A Minefield of Challenges, I realized something. I read weird. Maybe it’s not so weird, but I do it pretty often. When I come across an article of some kind I’ll scan the first paragraph or so. If it looks interesting I’ll read the whole thing straight through. If I’m not interested enough to read all of it I’ll skip down to the bottom and read the conclusion. Then, if that’s more interesting I’ll read the previous paragraph, then maybe the next, etc.

Here’s how I read the Yahoo! article (which is a little bit different from what I just described):

As you can see, I didn’t finish reading it. I quickly scanned the remaining paragraphs, but nothing really caught my eye enough to entice me to read more.

Do you ever do this? I’m guessing it’s more common than I think, meaning I’m not that weird after all.

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  1. justin

    i think you’re prob’ly just weird.

    that said, i usually hit the first paragraph, then the first sentence of each paragraph until i get tired of the article…

  2. Ryan Everybody probably has their own way of going about it.