Christmas Themes! And exclamation points!

I’m so excited! I completely forgot about Christmas themes for Firefox! Last year I used Tinseltown. I tried X-Mas today, but the animated snow flakes were a bit too much so I’m now testing X-Mas Light. So far so good!

Mozilla Links is what reminded me about all of this. They’ve also linked to some Firefox Christmas desktop backgrounds, though that’s a bit too much for me. Firefox is a browser, not my life! Right now my desktop background image is reserved for the Amazon Kindle. Some people movie stars or cars as their background images. I put up nerdy gadgets I want.

Actually, I usually have some spiffy scenic photo as my desktop background. Like this.

Snowy Saturday

I took this on Saturday while it was snowing. It was awesome.

And this post is going no where. The end.

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  1. Beth Beautiful picture!
  2. Ryan Thanks!