Amazon Kindle, thou art beautiful

I haven’t been so excited about a new product in a long time. As cool as the iPhone is, it’s just a way-cooler-than-previous-phones phone. The Amazon Kindle, on the other hand, is something completely new to most people: a wireless reading device.

“Wait, a wireless reading device? That’s not new.”

Ah, but you’re thinking about reading on your phone or PDA. This thing is using electronic paper.


Exactly. I find this thing so dang nifty because:

A) I doubt most people even know that there’s such a thing as electronic paper (even though Sony has their eReader). B) Previous electronic paper devices didn’t have free included wireless that lets you download new books any time you want. C) No, it’s not Wifi. The thing operates on the cell phone network (Sprint I think?) so it works anywhere a normal cell phone will work. D) The battery lasts forever. Well, long enough to read War and Peace on one charge anyway.

OKAY so I’ve never actually USED one of these things. I can’t wait to read/hear consumer reviews and see what people actually say about it. If it’s as cool as the videos on the Kindle product page make it look, I just might sell my bed to buy it.

I like to read.

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