As far as I know

I don’t think I’ve ever posted anything about balboa, the dance. I’ve never posted about it because I don’t ever do it, despite it being a very popular swing dance. People have tried pressuring me to learn it, but my interest in anything but watching it has been low. Balboa is typically danced to fast music and when the music is fast I don’t know how I could be happier than doing anything other than lindy hop and partner charleston. Balboa does look cool though.

Here’s a balboa clip from the Rhythmic Arts Festival I attended over New Years.

What’s funny is that I’ve seen a lot of balboa competitions, but the only ones I’ve had fun watching were at the Rhythmic Arts Festival this year and last.

Swing Dance, Charleston, Balboa


  1. Traci i
  2. Ryan i? That’s all you had to say, Traci? I am hurt.
  3. Julian I did a coupla classes in London once, led by the inspiring Jonathan Bixby and Sylvia Sykes. You can’t get away with much in the way of mistakes in Balboa, but when it works, it’s great, was my view. We never really got it working for too long, I have to admit! The video is a lively reminder - thanks.
  4. Beth that was really fun to watch. It does look fun
  5. Karen

    Ryan! I can’t believe you! Balboa is amazing! granted I love lindy hop more than Bal, but still The way you have to connect with your partner is completely different in Bal than Lindy and Charleston. there’s so much more than just the motions of doing the dance. You have to feel your partner and be conscious in a whole new way. I love it, and at first I didn’t like it as much as I love it now, but with practice it will begin to amaze you! I promise.

    You and all the other leads in Utah should get better at it.

  6. Ryan Yeah yeah… :)