Ask and ye shall receive

People liked the videos so I thought I’d post another one today. I don’t know why I never posted this (maybe I did?)! It’s from the Rhythmic Arts Festival which took place over New Years this past year. This is a video of the Jack and Jill finals, which I am in (still not sure how I made finals). For those who don’t know, a jack and jill contest is a contest for which you don’t have an assigned partner. You dance in the prelims with random partners and then for the finals you also get a random partner.

I got a dancer from Denver, Teni, for the finals. We’re the 4th couple. This was the first time (and only time so far) I’d ever made finals in any national competition. I didn’t feel nervous, but my mind was completely blank and I’m not terribly proud of how I danced, but who really cares? It was fun and that’s what matters. Live and learn.

And just because it’s so cool, here’s the partner charleston finals from the same weekend:

Lindy Hop, Charleston