Words people hate

My mom doesn’t like the word moist, my friend Adam can’t stand the word grok, Carrie hates the term read-a-thon, Justin has a strong distaste for ‘webinars’, Brandon doesn’t like the word soil, Craig dislikes ‘loaf’ and ‘moist’ (but likes moist loaves of fresh baked banana bread), Alex hates ‘should’, Lexi hates ‘whatever’, Missie is very picky and hates 5 words, Mandi hates ‘lowly’, Jenna hates ‘parabola’ and ‘bulbous’, Curtis can’t stand manager speak, Peter hates ‘quick’ and ‘poll’ (though that may be because I was conducting a ‘quick poll’), and one of my sisters can’t stand ‘toot’ and ‘tune’ (who tooted?!).

My least favorite words? While I share some dislike for webinars about read-a-thons wherein books about moist toots are discussed, two of the words I dislike most are ’sleep’ and ‘deprivation’, the former only when used in connection with the latter.

Long-term sleep deprivation has caused death in lab animals.

Insofar as far as we can tell, we are not lab animals. But still. You never know.

Tomorrow I intend to deprive myself of sleep by participating in a 24-hour read-a-thon. Yeah, I know. Not only is it a read-a-thon, but sleep deprivation is inherently required in the ‘24 hour’ part. Self-inflicted torture.

At least as long as I eat the right food I won’t have to toot much while reading. That’s the worst. You have to go find a new spot to read.

Anyone who wishes to bring me a loaf of banana bread is welcome to come over. I’ll even give you a dramatic reading of whatever I’m reading at the moment.

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  1. Eva Welcome to the read-a-thon (I hope you’re still participating)! Enjoy these first few hours-they’ll fly by! I’m sure you’ll do great. :D