Non-dancing Washington D.C. Trip Photos - April 6-11, 2005

Well here’s the rest of them! I find it much easier to use pictures as a journal of my travelings than actually writing anything down. Of course, I do write some stuff here, but not in crazy detail. Someday I imagine I’ll wish I would have written more. Oh well for now.

Washington D.C. Trip Photos - April 6-11, 2005

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  1. shannon damn. you did a lot of sightseeing in DC. how did you have any energy to dance after all that?? speaking of…did we ever get a dance together??? come to LA soon!!!
  2. Ryan

    I don’t know how I managed to have energy to dance each night. Must have been adrenaline. I never get headaches, but I had sleep deprivation headaches all weekend.

    I don’t think we ever did get to dance together! Dang, I need to go to LA!