As I mentioned in my previous (and first) post, I’m pretty new to CSS. Up until a couple of weeks ago I had only used CSS to control a few things like fonts and links. My first attempt at using CSS to control everything besides the actual layout can be found at UtahLindy.com. You see, one dark and stormy night I decided to learn more about CSS. I wanted to create something useful instead of some random test page I’d delete and forget about. I don’t run utahlindy.com, but I know the guy who does. So I decided to use that as my toy. After I was done I made a crappy image for the header and sent it to him. What you see on there now is what I created… besides the image. Bryce created a new one, thank goodness.

Oh, by the way, the couple doing the cool trick in the image is my girlfriend and I. :)

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