uh... what was that?

I’m well aware that my last humor post (4 hours ago) was not my best. I usually work on my humor things over a long period of time before I release them to the wild, wild world. This last one took me 15 minutes in one sitting. Perhaps it shows. Blast. Oh well. So I figured I might as well share some responses I’ve received from it:

“Proof that Ryan is on drugs” - Tommy

“[in an Eroc Cartman voice] dude you’ve got issues !” - Iraj

“I’d give it a 3.77 out of 10” - Bethany

“As always, I’m speechless.” - Erin

“Kumqats are like very yummy mini oranges that you can eat everyday, peel and all! They are always in my fantasies I can tell you that much.” - Sean

“Kumquats are small bitter citrusy fruits. Also my nick name. Hmm… you mentioned my nick name and “come on eilene.” This makes me think that you have me on the mind, and thus miss me terribly. No worries, I’ll be home at about 3:30 pm on the 21st. Then we can hang. And make-out. In that not making out sort of way. Joy.” - Eilene

“Kumquats are like a fruity orange tomato” - Ben

“You stay up way too late” - Matthew

I’ll update this list as I hear from more people, so check back… because you care or something. Tell me what you think! I don’t care if it’s negative! I can learn from it!

Then again, maybe the responses prove my point: Reality TV shows are dumb. (In my humble opinion)

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