Time Thingy

I’ve received quite a bit of feedback on Time Thingy lately. A lot of people really like it and have some good ideas for it.

All of my applications started from something I wanted. A lot of new feature ideas come from things I need or want. So since I don’t use Time Thingy anymore, I’m not really sure what other people need or want. So I’m completely open to ideas. Do you have any suggestions? Comments? Jokes?

So why did I name it “Time Thingy” anyway? The reason is a great one. Really. Okay okay… I just couldn’t think of anything better. Actually, I probably gave it that name thinking it would be temporary, but never thought of anything else so it stuck. I wrote it beacuse I had way too many programs running in the system tray and wanted to get rid of the Microsoft clock, but still have a clock visible somewhere. I didn’t think it would be as popular as it is. People use it in ways I never would have thought of. No, nobody uses it to time how many bags of cheetos they can eat in 34 minutes. At least not that I know of anyway. Do you?

By the way… Real Passwords 1.5 was released a few days ago. I’ve buried it’s announcement with more posts so I might as well add another shameless plug in for it! :-D

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