The Return of the Plague

The problem with an epidemic is that just because it’s gone doesn’t mean it will stay gone forever. Unless you developed an immunity in the first pass, you’ll probably die the second time. When it comes to epidemics, the glass isn’t half empty: it’s broken. Unless, of course, you use a glass that isn’t made of glass. I recommend plastic.

What would be better than a plastic drinking cup, though, is some sort of shield to go on my head that keeps certain things out, and alters my brainwaves, making it impossible to think specific things or sing certain songs.

The first thing I would filter out of my brain is a certain song that has long haunted not only my dreams, but every waking hour as well.

Yes, it’s true. It’s back. With vengeance. My permanent head song.



  1. Jessica Oh noes. Does this mean “Swinging on a Star” is eventually going to come back and kill me dead? I think I suffered with that one in my brain for 10 years straight.
  2. Beth Yikes. I’m so sorry! I thnk I heard someone that you have to type out all the lyrics and then send it to everyone in your email address book within 5 minutes and then your head song will go away. If you don’t, it will haunt you for 7 more years. ;)
  3. mom It’s my fault!! I’m so sorry it’s back. All I can say is substitute it for something else… xo
  4. Ryan

    Ahahahahaha! I don’t know how I missed seeing these comments before.

    @Jessica I hope swinging on a star doesn’t come back and haunt you. At least you can say the name of the song. I don’t even dare mention the song that haunted me.

    @Beth hahaha I’ll get right on that! Look for the email in your inbox. Be sure to pass it on or you’ll be haunted by it, too.

    @mom Your fault? Never! I blame Jonathan that it’s back. He started singing it a few weeks ago. Substituting works wonders. Deck the Halls is great.

    P.S. It’s not really back. It was threatening to be back, but it’s not back.

  5. Sammi I don’t have the head song thing, but I do have a weird quirk that plagues me. Ever since my MSN Instant Messager addiction in high school, I type everything I hear on an imaginary keyboard. My fingers have the QWERTY pattern memorized and are tapping away when people talk to me or I am listening to the radio or tv. My hands are not out in front of me like there is a keyboard there, (I’m not a TOTAL freak!) but my fingers just tap against each other like keyboard keys. This isn’t a constant 247 thing, but I do it A LOT! I have tried to stop, but the impulse is there. SO annoying!
  6. Ryan

    That’s hilarious! I can see why it’s annoying though.

    It’s quite funny to learn how many people have little quirks and annoyances.