The best way to end a meal is to...

Westville in New York City is a superb place to eat. If I were to only recommend one item on their menu I’d tell you to get an order of sweet potato fries, but then I’d also recommend their cobbler, thereby violating my made up rule to only recommend one thing. So I won’t only recommend one thing.

The mixed berry cobbler with which I finished off my meal:

Mixed berry cobbler with ice cream

Their burgers are pretty good. They were out of black bean chipotle soup so I enjoyed some turkey chili in its place. I was envious of the salmon my friend got. Oh, and the staff were friendly, too.

In summary, the food here will nourish and strengthen your body and do it the good that it needs (though perhaps not the cobbler).

Food, New York


  1. Lydia umm…yum! I want to go there now.
  2. justin hileman

    My salmon just might have been better than Mariah’s.

    I was a bit disappointed in the cobbler, however. In my opinion, mixed berries shouldn’t include blueberries. They don’t belong. But someone had to go and name them “blueberries” so they sounded all awesome like “blackberries” and “raspberries”… But they’re different and wrong and gross in my cobbler.

    The end.

  3. Ryan

    I didn’t see your salmon, but given the quality of everything there it’s entirely possible it could have been better.

    I like blueberries, but there was room for improvement. Next time I think I’ll get the mango cobbler.