Stopping time

This is so cool.

Over 200 New Yorkers recently walked into one of the busiest train stations in the world, New York's Grand Central Station, and at exactly 2:30 pm, all froze in place. There's one guy in the video who froze just as he was stooping down to pick up some scattered papers. Talk about commitment.

The Grand Central Station time stopping prank.

A bigger group of people did it in London.

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  1. Bags I’ve been following ImprovEverywhere for about a year now. They have done some freakin’ cool stuff. Their site has a huge list of other ‘missions’ they have completed with documented photos, videos and testimonials from participants. Definitely one of my favorite sites.
  2. Beth That is awesome!
  3. Ryan I wish there was a big group like that here in the SLC/Provo area. I did some searching and found some small groups, but nothing like Improv Everywhere.