Spiritual thought

If you’re not religious (or Christian) you may wish to skip this post.

Since today is Sunday I figured it’d be a good day for a spiritual thought post! I was trying to decide what I could post about, but was still undecided when I checked my e-mail today. A good friend of mine who might want her name to be kept anonymous on here (Beth) sent me this. I hope she doesn’t mind me posting this on here. :)

Nights like tonight are what remind me of driving home from Seattle that one year. Slick, snowy roads which are so deceiving. You can stand inside and watch the white slowly build on the lawns and then the streets and it all looks so innocent, clean and peaceful. Yet tap the brakes a little too hard, and you'll be on the neighbor's lawn! That didn't happen to me tonight though. I was safe enough. I drove slowly, but I was safe. It's just like Satan though - it shows us how beautiful and good things can be spoiled at the wrong turn or by not being careful. We learn from our mistakes, though and then we make it safely through.

How true! The challenge all of us have to be “… perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48) is not an easy one. Especially with how deceiving Satan can be in making seemingly innocent things so harmful to us. We all fail miserably to be perfect, but like Beth said we learn from our mistakes so we can make it safely through this life. Thanks to Jesus Christ, we’re not stuck only learning, but can receive forgiveness for our mistakes as well. So whether we slide into the neighbors lawn or off a bridge we can learn from our mistakes, repent through Christ’s sacrifice and then not do it again!

Thanks Beth!

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