Some people just don't understand

Here’s a phone conversation I just had:

Him: Hello, blah blah company. Can I help you?
Me: Yes my name is Ryan, I’m with ______. We currently sell your products in our brick and mortar store and would like to also sell them in our online store. What we’d like to know is if you have any restrictions on this and if not, do you have a CD with product images and descriptions that you could send us?
Him: We do allow people to sell our products.
Me: good good, what about online?
Him: yes, we allow people to sell our products.
Me: um okay, what about online? You know, on the in-ter-net.
Him: Oh! You aren’t allowed to show pricing on the website.
Me: But we can sell them on our website?
Him: Yes, but no pricing. Customers have to call to find out the pricing. I don’t want pricing on the website.
Me: Okay, but we can sell it, listed with no price, and if customers call in we can sell to them no matter where they live?
Him: Yes.
Me: Okay so do you have a CD with images and a database or something you could send?
Him: Yes… wait, what exactly are you doing?
Me: uh, like I said, building an online store.
Him: Oh, I don’t want that. I already have two websites selling our products. If you want to sell in your store that’s fine, but not online. I really don’t want that because I already have two websites selling our stuff and I really don’t want to do that. We have enough. Did I mention I really don’t want that?
Me: So what you’re saying is that you’re content with the money you’re making?
Him: Huh? I really don’t want our products on another website.
Me: You understand that with yet another site selling your products, your products would have more exposure and more sales, making you more money?
Him: I hate capitalism! I hate money! I don’t want them on another website!
Me: That’s what I thought. Have a nice day.

In case you’re wondering, most of the conversation really happened like that. I added a little for venting purposes.



  1. Jess So. WEIRD. Do people just not “get” the internet??