Prolonged Procrastination

In my last post I quoted this…

6. There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare. - Sun-Tzu, The Art of War, Chapter II. Waging War

… and endorsed Dr. Ron Paul. This time I’m mentioning Ron Paul again because that is what us Ron Paul supporters do (mention him a lot. have you read what he stands for yet?). I really didn’t quote it again to go on about that. If you spend any significant amount of time on the internet you already know all about him (but if you don’t, then you should probably find out). Okay really, I’m done with that.

So I was thinking about that quote from The Art of War and since I’m not exactly, and am certainly not planning to be, a general in a war it’s kind of useless to read the book only to learn about war. It’s far more useful a book to apply to work, education, dating (kidding! sort of!), and grocery shopping (why not?). Basically, just life in general. So let’s try it shall we?

There is no instance of a person having benefited from… … prolonged decision making [when the outcome isn’t that important anyway]. … prolonged TV watching. … prolonged shoe shopping.

See how easy that is? Okay, maybe that last one only applies to shopping-haters such as myself, but you get the idea. Also, I’m sure someone could argue the other two, but I’m not here to do that. I’m really only saying that I need to stop prolonging all my decision making. Seriously, most of the things I have to decide aren’t that big of a deal, yet I take forever to make up my mind. I put off the decision until the last possible moment, sometimes even farther, causing much grief.

Okay, a sort of related question for anyone out there reading. What do you to organize your life? I tried a day planner type thing, but I refuse to carry them around so they’re utterly useless to me. I don’t like carrying stuff around with me. If it’s not my phone, wallet, keys, or iPod (an old shuffle! whoo!), then I don’t like carrying it. Currently, I try to remember everything. I put some reminders in my phone, but my phone is kind of crappy. I use Backpack and Remember The Milk (along with twitter) to send me text message reminders, but nothing has really clicked for me to the point where I can’t live without it.

I’m thinking a better phone would really help. Something with really good calendaring. iPhone? Treo? Blackberry? Something else? What do ya’ll think? Sorry for the rambling-ness of this post. Your suggestions/comments/jokes are appreciated.



  1. traci i like my att 8525. if you ask justin, the downside is that it runs windows. the plus side: it has built-in wifi. at the time i bought it in june, it was the only att phone that had wifi enabled (blackjack and other phones have wifi, but att disabled it ‘cause they’re lame.) personally, i don’t really like using my phone for calendaring and such, because it’s kind of cumbersome if you just need to jot down a quick note. but if you’re not carrying around a paper notebook of some kind, then an electronic planner is probably your best bet.
  2. Beth I was thinking just today that I need a blackberry type device to remind me of things. Maybe it’s all those resolutions getting away from me.