Noises from afar

Low, rumbling noises usually signal a few things. A few of these few things would be: a hungry stomach (or, rather a hungry person whose stomach is reminding them of said hunger), a train, or perhaps a giant who is so big that his stomach apparently never stops rumbling (or is it the footsteps that make the rumbling noise when they approach?).

In my case, I’m pretty certain that I’m not hearing giants, and while I do occasionally hear my stomach rumble, most often the noise is from a train.

If you were standing in my room right now you might ask me to turn the light on. That’s because my light is off. I’m posting this from my iPhone, in the dark, ready to go to bed. So I’d say no, and leave the light off. Having the light off is better for looking out the window, which is what I think you’d want to do if you were here. Why? Because you’d see train tracks. Well, not exactly. You’d see the elevated railway, but not the physical tracks themselves. But you get the point.

So every few minutes I hear a low, rumbling noise in the distance. As it gets closer, it gets louder, as noises have a tendency to do. At night, when I’m laying in my bed, waiting to fall asleep, you might think the trains would keep me awake. On the contrary, I find that the noise helps me fall asle…



  1. Karen wow…. this was a bit random… and I loved it!