New site design, currently blowing up in IE 6

Not enough time to fix IE 6 rendering at the moment…

Get a better web browser.

Mozilla, Microsoft


  1. Belinda Wow, your web-designer is seriously gifted. Like, abnormally gifted. WHOA.
  2. Ryan haha yes, yes she is. And since it was a favor I really can’t complain (except maybe about the IE 6 issue!!1! ha).
  3. justin i just found out that mine’s having issues on firefox/mac. i’ll sort ‘em out sometime…
  4. Ryan Firefox on Mac isn’t too big a deal probably, visitor-wise? That’s rather annoying though that the same browser on a different platform would be different (understandable I guess).
  5. justin i know why it’s doing it. it’s a carbon/cocoa issue, and it’s the achilles heel of firefox on mac. if they’d come up with a good plugin solution for camino, i’d switch in a heartbeat. but it’s the plugins that make firefox, and camino’s sadly lacking.
  6. Ryan I didn’t know you have mac. You have a mac?
  7. justin on my desk at work. i’ve still got my beautiful desktop at home.
  8. Ryan Sweet. I was worried for a bit.
  9. Jessica

    Firefox on my mac looks fab - I’ll check it out in IE6 and see what’s up later.