Nanotech Golf

I went to bed last night (uh… earlier this morning) at 4:30 AM. I was awoken by a phone call at 8. Yay for me. I figured there has to be something worth reading on only 3 12 hours of sleep. And by golly, I came up with some interesting stuff.

Microsoft to fix ‘download warning’ flaw - Yes, another Internet Explorer security flaw.

Firefox cutting into IE’s lead - 5 million downloads and counting…

Netscape aims beyond Firefox - This is going to be interesting to watch! Can the browser that died so long ago really make a comeback? Beyond Firefox? This sounds exciting.

Google takes on click fraud - If I did any pay per click campaigns I’m sure this would mean more to me.

Hot for the holidays - People actually make lists? Well, I guess I have a list. It just happens to have everything technological on it, and then some. Not exactly very useful to anyone since no one in their right mind would really spend that much money on me.

Nanotech golf ball corrects its own flight - Is this really necessary? Are some things better left alone? At $7 to $8 a ball I sure wouldn’t want to lose one!