MSN Search Beta search plugin for Mozilla

I just made a MSN Search Beta search plugin for the Mozilla browsers. I just barely submitted it to Mycroft so it’s not on there yet, but you can get it here!

Download it here if you know what to do with it and wish to do it this way.

Or click this link to install the search plugin: MSN Search (beta).

What’s a Search plugin? (quoted from Mycroft)

A search plug-in allows you to access a search engine right from your browser, without having to go to the engine’s page first. On Mozilla 1.x, you can access plugins via the Sidebar or the Location Bar. On Mozilla Firefox (formerly known as Firebird), you use the search box on the toolbar.

Technically, a search plug-in is a text file that tells your computer what information to send to a search engine and how to retrieve the results. A small icon completes the plug-in so that search plug-ins are easily recognized.

Note: Mozilla adds “%0A” to search strings which other search engines apparently ignore, but MSN Search (beta) does not, and asks “Were you looking for <search string here>” even if you spelled the word right. (Update 12-01-04: I’m not getting this on another computer running the same version of Firefox. So either it’s been fixed or the computer I use most of the time has a problem all its own.)

I’ll update this when it’s on the Mycroft site. Enjoy!

Update: Matt Cox has made a search plugin for the MSN UK Search (beta). Get it here!

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  1. Matt Cox You sir, are a genius.