Merry Christmas Eve

Things learned at the mall today while standing in line:

  • Some people will talk to anyone about anything
  • Those people won't ever shut up
  • Not even when you try to ignore them
  • If you call Discover Card and try to cancel your account you'll get really really good interest rates.

Finishing my shopping today (I actually finished), I ended up in line between two Discover Card employees. One worked in retention and the other worked in collections. The one in collections was the one who didn’t stop talking. She started off about how she’d been to the mall last night and wasn’t able to get what she needed. Then she started talking to the guy infront of me about his phone with the cool bluetooth wireless headset and their cell phone services, then somehow found out they both work for Discover Card. I didn’t really mind the lady talking the whole 20 something minutes I was in line (long line just for gift certificates). It wasn’t so boring that way. I did find out that people that are really behind on their payments (starting at I think 90 days) can get on some hardship plan of some kind even though the collections people can’t tell you that. The retention guy said people should just call to cancel their accounts. He said they get them on really good plans with 0% interest for life. Or So he said anyway. I don’t have a Discover Card so I can’t personally verify this, but if it’s true, how’s that for a Christmas bonus? :) Dishonest? I know I’d probably feel guilty (unless of course I really did want to cancel the card), but I’ll let you decide.

Anyway, this has been a weird Christmas Eve post. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Don’t forget to do some rockin’ around the Christmas tree for me (dancing).

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