Math atrophy

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

Okay so that should probably be “A few years ago about 15 miles from where I sit…” Ryan didn’t like math. It was too much work. Too many headaches. The word math made Ryan cringe. Ryan stopped caring. Ryan avoided it like the plague. This was before Ryan got interested in programming. Ever since then though, Ryan has had this “fear” of math. Most people (everybody) are quite flabbergasted (isn’t that a great word?) when they find out that Ryan is not very good at math. “But you’re a computer guy!” True, but believe it or not Ryan is not good at math.

Okay enough of that third person stuff. I recently decided I’d probably be good at math and actually like it if put myself to it. So I bought a couple of books to help remedy the situation. I’m starting over at the beginning with a nice refresher course I can plow through quickly to help get my mind ready for the other stuff. Wish me luck.



  1. Jessica

    SHUT UP! What books did you get? Math is still a four letter word in my book.

    BTW, the site looks good, is this something you did or a skin it came with? I’m also testing out the remember me feature. Also? I’m cluttering up your comment section. Also? I am wondering why it says “URI” instead of “URL”? URI is an upper respiratory infection.

  2. Ryan

    These are the books I got. The first one starts out teaching you what a number is and then goes from addition to fractions and decimals. The second books starts at multiplication and goes to some basic geometry I think. I told you I was bad at math… :)

    All the Math You’ll Ever Need : A Self-Teaching Guide by Steve Slavin
    All the Math You’ll Ever Need : A Self-Teaching Guide by Steve Slavin

    :-D URI = Universal Resource Identifier