Lost Worlds

Upon reading the title of this post you may think to yourself, “self, I think he must have meant ‘Lost World - Jurassic Park’.” If you thought that, I’ve been wondering, is it a book I should read? It’s been on my list for a while now.

Books are awesome. Especially books wherein the story takes place in a different world, or in an alternative or modified version of our own world. It’s as if the books came from those other worlds. They are a gateway to a different reality—often a more desirable one than our own. Separating myself from this world and learning of another allows me to accept things I might not otherwise accept (which can be good and bad), and hopefully use those things to improve my life.

When I moved to New York I packed up the stuff I could bring with me, which wasn’t much, and then boxed up the rest and shipped it to New York. I got most of it last week. Today I got another box, full of books. Earlier this week I got a letter from the U.S. Postal Service stating, “an empty wrapper with your address was found in the mail and it is believed to have been separated from a parcel during handling.” They even tapped the address label to the paper so I could see it.

I can fill out a description sheet and mail it back and they’ll try to find my stuff. I waited until today for the other box full of books to come so I could get a better grasp on what I lost. While I still have both my English and Spanish versions of The Chronicles of Narnia, I lost all my other C.S. Lewis books, which I am very bummed about (I mark up and write a lot in the margins of my books). I also lost my Malcolm Gladwell books, Gordon B. Hinckley’s biography as well as some of his books. 13 is the total number I cannot account for. I’m sure I’ll remember more later.

Oh, I also lost a few movies on DVD. I used to be the proud owner of 6 movies. That number has now been reduced to 1. Pride cometh before a fall, they say.

One funny thing. I packed the books and DVDs in these two boxes and used my socks to keep them from sloshing around. I kept expecting the boxes to come so I didn’t go out and buy socks. It’s been rough. I like socks.

So, in a lost and found, under a machine at a post office, on the side of the road, or perhaps in some happy postal worker’s living room, lay my books. Lost worlds.



  1. Bags Yes… read ‘Lost World.’ It will be worth your while. Much better than the movie. But, what book isn’t, really?
  2. Ryan

    Which is why I own this tshirt.

    I’ll definitely give it a read.

  3. Karenvizzy

    That makes me so sad that you lost 13 books! It makes me feel bad that I have probably bought 13 books in the last three weeks, but you can’t partake in them. I think it has become an addiction! I don’t know about ‘Lost World’ being a good read or not… it’s more of a guy book I imagine so I have not been tempted to read it. BUT I will tell you you should read ‘In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote (if you haven’t already read it)! heavy sigh it’s by far one of my favorite books of all time(such a favorite it will get 3 exclamation marks)!!!

    Happy reading… and maybe that’s what I’ll get you for your birthday a gift card to Borders or Barnes and Nobel.