Lockernome == Boring

I’ve been a subscriber of Lockergnome since 1998, minus two years while I was on an LDS mission. My software was even featured in it. As you may know as time went on, Lockergnome got big and Chris Pirillo stopped writing all the newsletters. Even though it wasn’t Chris Pirillo very often, at least having someone write an article made it feel more like the old Lockergnome. While some of the information in the newsletters became old news to me as I learned more I always enjoyed the things the editors had to say. About a year ago or more they decided that Lockergnome be more of an RSS type feed, like an aggregator. At least the Web Developer newsletter anyway. No more editor comments or articles. And? I haven’t found any interesting information from it in a very long time. It’s really boring. Also, the info that does get in the newsletter is always about 3-4 days behind other sources. I’m unsubscribing.