Line Rider: New favorite time waster

By reading the title of this post you might incorrectly assume that I have wasted days and days playing this “line rider” game. I say that would be an incorrect assumption because the actual amount of time wasted has been at least 2 weeks.

And I’m lying. I’ve actually only spent 10 or so hours playing it.

Those 10 hours, though, were all in one day.

But I haven’t played it since. Because it is incredibly addicting. One of these days I will take a video of the track I created and put it up for all to see. For now I’ll just put someone else’s video up.

This really puts the ski stunt simulator to shame (though in the ski stunt simulator’s defense, they are rather different so it’s unfair to compare them). You can find more line rider videos on youtube.



  1. Beth That was awesome. I’d love to see yours.
    I think someone should do that course in real life.
  2. Ryan

    I’ll post my video this week sometime.

    If I could do that course in real life and not die I would love to do it. haha It’d be awesome.