It's gonna be a busy day

It’s 2:50 AM right now. I have to wake up at 6 AM. It’s gonna be a crazy day and here I sit. I should be sleeping. I’ve got a wedding to go to. If I have time I’ll go to the luncheon thing they have afterwards. Then I’m going to help my sister move. I hope the moving won’t take too long and I’ll be able to make it to swing dance workshops starting at 2 PM. There are a bunch of workshops from 2 - 8. I guess if moving takes too long I can always just catch the later ones. The social dancing then starts at 8:30. It’s gonna be fun. It’s the Salt Lake City swing something or other Fall Festival! Workshops, competitions with large cash prizes, lots and lots of dancers… what a great way to spend half a day! Unfortunately, I won’t be participating in the competitions. I really want to, but don’t have a partner. I could always find one tomorrow, but it would have to be someone I’m already really comfortable dancing with. Anyway, it’s gonna be a fun day. I better get to bed!

Swing Dance


  1. Jess

    2pm hahahahahahaa!

    Heh. Well, it wasn’t TOO bad was it?

  2. Ryan :-D I think it was around 5 that we finished? Well, finished in the sense that we left the rest for Monday! I didn’t mind really. I could have made it to the last few workshops, but I just decided to go home and take it easy for a while before heading out to the dance, which by the way was a total blast. I don’t know how I had so much energy after moving so much stuff on top of getting so little sleep. I was nuts. Adrenaline is great.