It's 9 AM

It was when I wrote this anyway…

I don’t normally post on Saturday’s, but I liked an e-mail I wrote to my sister this morning so thought I’d post it. As a bit of a side note I’m considering making another blog for all my personal ramblings like this so the Ryanware Blog is more specific. Any opinions on the matter? I haven’t made up my mind (hence why I said “considering”) so your opinion could help sway me. Also, the weather has been rather unusual here in Utah over the last week (it’s been raining a lot). My wireless internet connection doesn’t work very well in this weather! Argh! Anyway, on to the e-mail.

My alarm went off at 8:45 this morning. Yes, on purpose. HAHAHAHAHA! What was I thinking? Anyway, my second alarm went off at 8:45:10 so I didn’t get to sleep very long after pressing snooze on the first one. After pressing snooze on that one I thought “just stay up. you can do it.” and I had a moment there where only by sheer will power was I able to get back into bed! Whew! Just kidding. It’s funnier that way though. I actually stayed up even though everything inside of me (and a few other things I’m sure) was screaming at me that I’d die if I even tried to take another step away from my bed. I almost got back in bed at least 30 times. I went to the bathroom (stumbling) only to hear my third alarm go off at 8:47. :-D I have three other alarms I could set, but I don’t like to annoy myself too much. It’s kinda funny actually, one of the alarm clocks is this little spaceman dude coin bank clock with alarm thing. The AA batteries in it are AT LEAST 5 probably 7 years old and it’s still going and keeps the correct time! I just had to reset my almost a year old Timex alarm clock with CD player and other neat-o functions because after having it for the last 10 months it was 26 minutes off!! 26 minutes! And it’s plugged in, has a backup battery and can probably communicate with extra-terrestrials should it need to! Hail the little spaceman dude coin bank clock with alarm thing!

I need to get to sleep earlier. Either that or sleep in more.

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