iPod Shuffle

So I got an iPod Shuffle for my birthday from some friends. I’ve stayed out of the iPod craze mainly because I didn’t think I would ever use one. I only listen to music while on the computer, or in the car. Even in the car I tend to listen to talk radio a lot more than I listen to music lately. Now that I actually have an iPod I still don’t think it’s all that useful to me when it comes to music. I do get most of my music off iTunes, but I don’t really want to listen to music anymore than I do already (on the computer and in the car). Who knows, this thing may change all that, but generally speaking I enjoy skiing, hiking, walking around, etc. in silence or talking to other people. That is, unless I can listen to educational or other entertaining non-musical things. Hooray for Podcasts! Oh the heavenly podcasts! I’ve been collecting some for some time now, but didn’t ever listen to them because 1) It’s too much of a pain to burn them to CDs, and 2) I couldn’t listen to them on the computer while working and actually work at the same time (too distracting). So I’m quite thrilled I can listen to all the podcasts I’ve been wanting to listen to for so long.

Oh, it’s the 512 MB version of the iPod Shuffle. I was amazed that 17 hours of podcasts would fit in 512 MB. I can see how if I was using it for music I’d want more space, but for podcasts I don’t think 512 MB will ever be too little.

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