Information overload, wireless provider marketing

Remind me to never again get behind on the forums, sites, and blogs I read.

Also, remind me to keep track of all the interesting things I come across if I do get behind again. If I would have kept track of it all I’d have tons more links than the measely two I’m linking to:

Free RSS to HTML PHP Script Security tips for web developers

Oh yeah, I also need to remember where I found the information.

One of the blogs I read tonight mentioned that the number of blogs out there now is something like 8 million. Upon reading that statistic part of me thinks “wow, that’s great” and the other part says “who cares?” Allow me to explain. For me, it’s kind of like cell phone service providers like Verizon and Cingular saying how great it is that you can talk to 30 something million people for FREE! Wow! That’s great! I’m going to sign up so I can talk to 30 million people for free! Think of all the money I’ll… wait. I have a total of 99 phone numbers in my cell phone. While I realize that there are people out there who rely on their cell phones for a lot more than I do, I probably only talk to 10 out of the 99 people on a regular basis. I also have NO idea who has Cingular. Do I ever go over my minutes? Well, not anymore. :) It’s been months since I’ve had any problems with minutes. Also, most of my talk time is after 7 PM or on weekends anyway when it’s free (it was 9 PM when I would go over minutes). I do have free mobile to mobile for Cingular/AT&T customers. But do I really care that my provider has 30+ million subscribers? In a sense, yes because it means they’ve got a good service and I can probably rely on them. However, I find their marketing ridiculous. No one would be able to talk to 30 million people, even if it’s free. Duh. I suppose if the marketing works then great, but as for me I think it’s a bit silly.

I realize that doesn’t apply very well to the growing number of blogs. I really just wanted to complain about wireless provider marketing. I think the growing number of blogs is great, and completely expected by me (although I was still surprised by the number). Google has 8 billion plus web pages indexed. Sure, those are all individual pages which make up larger sites, but is anyone surprised anymore by the growing number of websites out there? Why are blogs different? Okay, so they are different because they’re relatively new. I’ve just read one too many posts about blogs lately. I get so sick of reading about blogs. Blogs blogs blogs. Get over it already! They’re here! They’re useful! Let’s talk about something else! Okay, allow me to start by not talking about blogs anymore! Ready? Ok. </end rant>

I must say I’m impressed with my cell phone coverage area since the Cingular/AT&T merger. Post-merger I had connection problems ALL THE TIME. I still have my fair share, but usually only in weird locations that any cell phone would probably fail.

It’s now almost 2 AM and I am planning on being in downtown Salt Lake at 5 AM to swing dance for one of the local news station’s morning show. I should get SOME sleep I guess. Crazy? Yes. Loving it? Yes.

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