I'm sick of typing!

I’m hungry. I’m tired. I haven’t gotten much done today. I’m tired of typing. Even more though, I’m tired of fixing erros in my tping. So I’m not fixing anything I miess up in this post. Serious.,y I was just talking to a friend via MSN messenger and retuiped the word HAVE about four times bfore getting it right. So I give up! Ate least for tdao! rofl… That’s supposed to say today. Sometimes the mess up is too horrid to let pass, but I’m trtyiing to let it pass anyway.

Even though I told myself I wouldn’t fix any errors I still have fixed several unconsciencely. I really don’te type this bad all the time. It’s when I get tired and hungry and just plain sick of the comptuer that this starts to happen. So I think I’m done for tdoay.

It’s gonna be hard to click the “publish” button with this many erros! :-D lol

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