I couldn't help it

Two posts ago, while talking about DailyLit, I mentioned the following:

As soon as it gets closer to Christmas I'm going to read A Christmas Carol.

Well, it turns out that Saturday I was feeling sick and so didn’t go anywhere all day. I got pretty bored in the evening while reading A Tale of Two Cities. I wanted to read something a bit more exciting. So I started reading A Christmas Carol. I read 9 “parts” (DailyLit doesn’t email you a full chapter at a time, only parts of chapters) and went to bed. I had no plans to finish it quickly.

And then today I got on my computer and read the daily email… and then clicked the “send me the next part immediately” link 27 times to finish the book! ha ha!

I don’t like listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, but I didn’t at all mind reading such an excellent a Christmas book.

I will, however, wait in wishing you all happiness in the aforementioned holiday.

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  1. Beth You’ve intrigued me… I think I will read it this Christmas season as well. Maybe even using dailylit.
  2. Ryan Do it. It’s a fun read. I’d only ever seen the Muppet Christmas Carol, which I think is awesome. It seems most movies do a horrible job at recreating stories from books, but the Muppet Christmas Carol does a good job. Probably because the book isn’t very long.