How Understanding Sleep Mechanics Helped Me

Some time ago I read about the mechanics of sleep and ever since I’ve still slept in a lot.

Apparently you have to do something with knowledge or it’s of no use. Crazy.

No really, it has helped. I don’t remember the article I read, but it was back in July I think. I’ve slept in plenty of mornings since then, but I have noticed that waking up is significantly easier when I set my alarm to go off after 6 hours of sleep instead of 7, 7 12 instead of 8, etc.

So today I called a friend at 9:30 AM. He answered almost right away. He said he went to bed at 3:30 AM.

So, a sleep cycle is 90 minutes. 3:30 AM to 9:30 AM was only 6 hours of sleep, but it was right on the 90 minute cycle. He told me he was going to wake up at 10:30, and that I should call him then. Problem is, 10:30 AM was 30 minutes before the next cycle ended, so naturally he’d sleep right through his alarm.

I didn’t actually call at 10:30, but I figure he probably turned off his alarm when it went off and so by 11 when the sleep cycle ended he kept on sleeping. I tried calling several times around 12 PM with no answer. The next cycle should be ending right about now.

Dang it. No answer after 5 attempts. The sleep cycle can be 90-110 minutes. I’ll try again in a few minutes. This is fun!

Wake Up Early


  1. Beth That is very interesting. I’m going to try it out.
  2. Comrade Smack Is it possible that he’s ignoring you?
  3. Ryan Possible, but he rarely does that. Also, we’ve been friends for something like 15+ years so it’s not really probable.