Podcasts I've Enjoyed in 2015

My love for podcasts is rivaled only by my love of audiobooks. Podcasts frequenly keep me from listening to audiobooks, and audiobooks consistently keep me from listening to podcasts.

If you use an iPhone I highly recommend using Overcast to listen to podcasts. My favorite feature is Smart Speed, which speeds up audio without distortion by dynamically shortening silences in talk shows. Plus, it’s free.

Here are the podcasts I’ve most enjoyed listening to in 2015, in alphabetical order.

Accidental Tech Podcast

A tech podcast accidentally created while trying to do a car show. Mostly Apple-related technology discussion.

I generally prioritize listening to this podcast above any others.

Core Intuition

A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.

I’m not an indie developer, but since I used to be and sometimes still fantasize about going back to that life I find this an fun listen.


A conversational interview show about developing software and services, primarily for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and gaming.

This podcast regularly gets super nerdy and in-depth on technical details and I find it fascinating.

Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro

Nerds talking about Doctor Who. I usually only listen while a Doctor Who season is happening and skip episodes about older stuff.

Doctor Who - TeeVee Flashcast

A panel breaks down Doctor Who episodes right after they air. Definitely nerdy.

JavaScript Air

A new JavaScript podcast. I’ve only listened to the first episode so far, but it’s already one of my top-ranking programming podcasts.

JavaScript Jabber

This podcast gets really good guests and asks them lots of really good questions about their work in JavaScript. I’ve learned a ton from this one.

Planet Money

Interesting money talk from NPR. One of my favorite episodes from a few months ago is called When Salaries Aren’t Secret.


Two people talking about the challenges of improving your career.

I have no interest in quitting my job or changing my career, but given the trouble I’ve caused for myself in the past this is something I listen to in order to keep me from making rash decisions in regards to my work and jobs.

Robot or Not?

Is the TARDIS a robot?

What about Star Wars droids?

The Roomba?

Listen to find out. The episodes are super short and entertaining.


Another great technology podcast. They also cover movies, comics, games, and Taylor Swift. I listen for the tech talk (or do I?).

The Track

In-depth and candid conversations with swing dancers, musicians, DJs, competitors, and instructors from the world of Lindy Hop.

I miss the world of Lindy Hop here in Orlando and someday hope to live closer to a vibrant scene I can be a part of. I feel like I’m still a part of the larger scene by listening to this.

The Talk Show

Nerds talking about tech stuff. Mostly Apple-related stuff.

Two-minute Time Lord

Another Doctor Who nerd talking about Doctor Who.

Under the Radar

A weekly, short dicussion all about indie app development. They’re iOS developers, but it’s applicable to web development as well. Again, I’m not an indie dev, but it’s conceivable I could be again some day (but probably not because I like regular paychecks) so I like to listen.


A news and analysis show focusing on the biggest stories, hottest trends, and most important issues in technology and popular culture.

This is a nice break from the usual tech podcasts I’m listening to.

What about you?

What are your favorite podcasts?

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