The Great Domain Purge

I used to collect domain names like a wealthy person collects cars. I don’t know the total number of domain names I’ve owned over the years, but the most at one time was 40.

I used to buy a domain every time I thought of a cool or funny idea for a project or website.

“Cool” and “funny” are, of course, entirely subjective. wasn’t exactly very useful to me in the long run, but perhaps the idea of a square banana is amusing to some. I still think would be cool, but mostly I just want to eat outstanding donuts and not to make a website about them.

I won’t bore you with all of the domains I have left (18 with 7 set to expire), but here are some of my favorite remaining domains:

  • I’ve started this project a few times. I still want it to exist. Maybe someday I’ll find time for it.
  • There is a heaven just for toast. For reals.
  • I love toast so much.
  • Cool name, but I really have no use for it and must let it go.

Some of my favorite, expired domains:

  • I had an idea for a game where the protagonist works for a startup. She would drink lots of caffeine, work in 16-hour stretches, and be on-call for the other 8 hours of the day. Bonus points if you accept a low salary for equity. Sidenote: I’ve suffered burnout at startups and wouldn’t ever play this game because stress.
  • A name for a developer tools business that I clearly never started.
  • The name for a game I may actually build someday. Maybe.
  • A book blog. Turns out I just like using Goodreads and this blog.
  • Self-explanatory.