Country is not Government

Patriotism is something innately due our country in return for the many riches and opportunities it affords us. Taxes are statutory entitlements the people grant to the government in return for certain constitutionally mandated obligations. "Country" is not synonymous with "government." Country is a diverse union consisting of the citizenry - we the people. Country is the basis and the process from which innovation abounds, dreams are realized, and goods are produced. Government is merely an autocratic bureaucracy that attempts to regulate and control the actions of the country. Government produces no goods and no products. It only consumes resources and redistributes them. -- A friend of mine

Food for thought.



  1. Beth This is really interesting to me because I’ve started watching the John Adams HBO series. I’ve only seen parts I and II, but I find it really interesting and inspiring. The same with that quote.
  2. Ryan I keep meaning to get that and watch it. I hear it’s amazing.
  3. Bill Ruesch Ryan, I’m happy you made this distinction clear. I am so angry with the government that I’m almost willing to take up arms and I don’t even have any arms. But I love my country. It’s good to know that I’m not schizoid after all. Or maybe I am but for other reasons.
  4. kevin Soo.. and your point? By the way, speaking of taxes…? Let’s just raise the minimum wage. That would surely be fantasic!
  5. Ryan My point was to let everyone reading draw the conclusion I intended. heh. “Read my mind!”
  6. Bags Love it. So, when does the revolution begin?