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My first forays into web development as a job were centered around static content generation for e-commerce sites. I thought then and have ever since that websites, especially e-commerce ones, should stop this progression to more and more dynamic content and use static content wherever possible. So the fairly recent obsession with bloggers turning to “baked” website solutions has made me quite happy on the inside. You know, all warm and fuzzy. Now only if e-commerce platforms would head in the same direction.

So why am I still on Wordpress? And why am I still using this old theme? For one, I’ve been on an extended I’m-going-to-do-absolutely-nothing vacation for a little over two months now. Yes, the first few weeks of it were in NYC, but the following almost 2 months have been in LA, San Francisco, Paris, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Interlaken, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, and now the Outer Banks in North Carolina. I’m over a month behind on uploading photos. In addition to just being gone, I was quite burned out. I needed a break and had been planning on taking this trip for over a year.

It’s been quite fascinating, as an observer of myself, to see and feel the difference this trip has made in my desire to build things. Before this trip I hadn’t had a new idea for something to build in years. Now, I’m bouncing around 7 or 8 serious ideas. I feel like I’ve found my soul again.

Anyway. This will soon be a nanoc-powered blog. I can’t wait to get rid of Wordpress.

Update: I’ve ported and to nanoc. I’m getting really close on this blog.



  1. Bags

    Sounds like such a fantastic experience. I’m feeling a little stumped and stuck myself. I admire your ability to just unplug and walk away. Maybe I need to do the same.

    Any pointers?

  2. Ryan Make sure you have a good amount of savings if you walk away from a job. And make a budget and stick to it. And have fun. Lots of it.