Call Me Crazy

I managed to do NaBloPoMo, I completely forgot about NaBoMoReMo until it was impossible to catch up, and now I’m going to attempt Blog 365.

Yes, 365 as in “365 days” of the 366 day leap year.

Yes, I am insane.

Yes, I will fail.

But! It’ll provide SOME motivation to post.

Or, you know, I’ll get so depressed at missing a week or three that I’ll end up deleting this entire blog.

Okay, that won’t happen. I don’t get depressed.

So maybe just really discouraged.

Or maybe I’ll just post this in July: “Oh! Blog Three-Sixty-What? Oops.”



  1. Beth love the tags
  2. Ryan haha thanks. As you can tell I was feeling very optimistic about such a prospect. :)