Beginning of an end?

Just saw this on

U.S. files first suit against Internet 'spy ware' The U.S. government has sued a New Hampshire man in its first attempt to crack down on Internet "spy ware" that seizes control of a user's computer without permission.

i HAQVE my fijgers crossed that ythis willhelp. Okay… I’ll uncross my fingers. It’s really hard to use the right fingers when they’re crossed. Go ahead, try it. I’m sure I could get good at it if I tried, but what would be the point?

Also, notice the creation of a new category with this post: “News”. While this is technology related it doesn’t really have much to do with technology other than the fact the spyware uses technology to bug the crap out of us. Not to mention the actual “spying” that it does. :-P

Anyway, while we still have to worry about this crap I suggest you use a better browser.