Because no one might believe it otherwise

So tonight I had dinner, which is normal. The abnormal part was that it was unlike any dinner I’ve ever prepared for myself.

Healthiest Meal I've Ever Made (just ignore the dirty stove)

I took a picture in case no one would believe me.

The bag it came in was a little tough to open so I almost abandoned the idea for a big bowl of ice cream, but I managed all the same.

I followed this up with some roasted almonds, then raw almonds, then granola, then I got out some yogurt for the granola.

The challenge now is to resist the temptation to eat a big bowl of ice cream before I go to bed.

Actually, that should be pretty easy. I’ll just eat it straight from the carton.



  1. jess woah, doooode. mom will be impressed!
  2. Ryan So I just realized that it’s quite odd that I took the picture with the plate on the stove. I didn’t actually cook it. That’s just where I put it all together. The stove is close to the fridge, so why not?
  3. mom I am impressed! It looks very good AND healthy. Way to go!
  4. Kevin Yeah Ryan, I am glad that you are eating healthy food. Now I can sleep knowing that you will not be gaining anymore wieght. I was truely concerned for you for a bit.
  5. Ryan haha! I’m glad you can sleep now. I would not like to be blamed for your discomfort. How long have you not been sleeping over this?
  6. Kevin I’m not sure..the days kind of blurred together.