A site I design and now maintain (but do not own) has just gone live today. It’s called BackyardDiscounts. We sell stuff ranging from barbecue grills to playground equipment. Basically, stuff for your backyard. We are going to be adding hot tub/spa accessories, more backyard/outdoor furniture, more bbq grills, more hammocks, etc. Right now there isn’t a huge selection of products online, but we’re constantly adding more (about every other day).

I really like how the site turned out. Please let me know what you think. If you have any comments on the CSS/XHTML I’m interested in hearing them. I don’t have access to a Mac so I don’t know what it looks like in Safari. Now… the site does use tables for it’s layout (I know! I know!). I wanted to make it easy for someone else less experienced (not that I’m the best) to change in the future without ripping their eyes out. So since it’s in tables I really really doubt any good browsers will have problems with the CSS. The only browser work around was for IE (surprise!), using “html > body”.

For the shopping cart and e-commerce, I decided to use ICCart, by Home on the Web. I know them very well and really like the ICCart backend system. It rocks. If you’re running a drop ship business there is no better solution.

I created the site with Dreamweaver MX , TopStyle Lite, and EditPlus.

All of this is only a partial shameless plug since I don’t own any of the sites or services I’ve mentioned (especially not the last three). So give me some slack, okay? ;)

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