Apartment Hunting

I started writing the title of this post with a specific thought in mind (apartment hunting), but that changed as soon as I had it typed. The imagery in my mind went from a big city and lots of buildings to an apartment complex being chased down by a hunter with a gun. You know, hunting. Hunting for apartments. Like deer hunting, only different.

I don’t own a gun and I’ve never been hunting. Unless, of course, you count the years of my early adolescence when my days consisted of going down to the local river and trying to trap birds with homemade cages and other contraptions (rocks on tree branches that were supposed to fall on unwitting fowl who stepped on some string). We also made some sweet bows and arrows that didn’t work very well (but they were still sweet). We even tried throwing rocks. I hit my friend in the head once (on accident). Our hunting/trapping attempts always failed, but we did manage to catch a lot of fish. I’m good at catching fish. We even made a fish trap, placed it in a deep fishing hole, and came back the next day to quite the catch of 3 or 4 fish. It was awesome. I think there were a few sucker fishes and a rainbow trout.

So I took the day off today to find a place to live. In the process, I discovered that the nearest Wells Fargo bank is in Illinois. I was told, though, that that will change in January when Wells Fargo’s acquisition of Wachovia is finalized. Or something like that. I fly back to Salt Lake City tomorrow (the 8th) so not being able to deposit checks isn’t a huge deal. By the time I get back to NY direct deposit will be setup and I won’t have to worry about depositing checks. Good timing.

Anyway, apartment hunting. I did a lot of looking on craigslist. While I don’t have time to go look at much, I am going to look at a place tonight. If it’s not trashy then it’ll work out well as it’s a month-to-month lease and quite cheap. That way, I could live there for a few months while I find a better / more convenient place to live.

I could go on, but I must end this here so I can go make a sweet bow and arrow for my apartment hunting expedition this evening. Wish me luck… or happiness. I like happiness.

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