About me

Ryan Martinsen at Epcot with wife Mariah I’m a software engineer residing in Salt Lake City, Utah. I spend my time away from work cooking for my family, planning vacations, reading, eating too much dessert, and thinking about silly posts for this site. I am known throughout the internet as popthestack.

I’ve lived in Florida, New York, Ohio, and Kentucky. I learned Spanish in Ohio, met my wife in New York City, and had 2 kids in Orlando.

Prior to my foray into computer programming in 1996 I wanted to be a mountain man with a long beard. The closest I ever came to that was this during the global COVID-19 pandemic. I do not regret my choice to go into programming.

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Contact me

Feel free to drop me a note at ryan@ryanmartinsen.com or through one of the services below.


About this website

This site has been many things, but never really one thing. It is, in short, a personal blog. I write about whatever random thing I’m thinking about. Lately this has been silly humor posts.