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Ryan Martinsen hiking near Interlaken, Switzerland. My name is Ryan Martinsen. I’m a software engineer based in Orlando, Florida. I’m happily married to my best friend, I love donuts, ice cream, and clean code.

I’ve lived in New York City, Cincinnati, and Salt Lake City. I miss the food in NYC, the people I knew in Cincinnati, and my family in SLC. Here in Florida I love Disney World and going to see rocket launches.

Prior to my foray into computer programming in 1996 I wanted to be a mountain man with a long beard.

I created the world’s first automatic popup advertisement killer. I’m tall and losing my hair. I love to read. I dance Lindy Hop. I’m a Mormon and I speak Spanish.

To see what I’m currently up to check out my what I’m doing now page or follow me on Twitter.

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