The majority of bloggers are Democrats

Has anyone else noticed that the large majority (as opposed to the small majority?) of bloggers and active forum users are Democrats? Actually, most media seems anti-republican, and not just here in the USA. While I don’t read as many blogs as Robert Scoble does (I don’t know how that guy has that much spare time!), I do read a lot and am constantly looking for new ones. One thing I have noticed though in my reading is that almost all bloggers are Democrats. It’s extremely rare to find a blog whose owner is Republican. Why is this? Do Democrats (maybe I should say liberals?) have more out-spoken personalities and so go into journalism, start blogs, etc., etc.? Are more Democrats more likely to be geeks? Are more Democrats better off financially and can afford to have their computers and blogs? Were all the blog owners, online forum users, and journalists the world over so surprised that Bush won the election because most of the media out there is pro-Democrat?

A few quick searches on google revealed:

1,010,000 results for blog democrat. 2,190,000 results for blog republican.

Am I just really good at finding blogs whose owners are Democrats or are the “blog republican” results all the Democrats complaining about Republicans? :-D

I have no real data to back up this theory of mine other than a really convincing “it seems like it.” Has anybody else noticed this? Or am I completely wrong?

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Lynn S That’s odd. For a long time it seemed to me that almost all bloggers were Republican but in the last few months I’ve seen a lot more blogs by Democrats but the Republicans still seem to be in the majority at least in political blogging. There are a lot of non-political blogs that only occasionally mention politics and many of these, especially the art and culture bloggers are Democrats.
  2. Ryan That explains it. I read mostly non-political blogs that only occasionally mention politics so I guess that would be why I don’t come across many Republican bloggers! :)
  3. Lynn S Including the non-political blogs, you might be right about more bloggers being Democrats. Or… I don’t know… Half a million blogs or more. How can anyone tell? :-)
  4. Ryan Seriously! It’s too bad nobody has the time to really find out. ;) Continue speculating we must..